Poem: Autumn Leaves to the Air – 28/04/20

Autumn leaves fall one by one, excusing themselves from attendance. Like warm emotions they peel away, leaving an unfamiliar, unfeeling circumstance.   Soon the branches will be barren, stark, undecorated, alone, with no reminder of spring or summer, when heartfelt words were purred, within another’s arms feelings were grown.   How differently a season can [...]

Poem: A Gentle Reminder – 16/04/20

Bulging eyes like those of a mute man’s persuasion, an idiomatic world wreaking destruction with its occupants not any worse or well off than the land they stand upon, Ingot! Ingot! Who told me you’re the one?   I never put on the shield of makeup without first assessing the importance, painting, changing, it’s all [...]

Poem: Cotton Wool – 15/04/20

They cotton woolled me, padded me safe, to ensure if I fell, I wouldn’t crash, bang, break.   To make sure that I was protected by the softened cloud, like a growing cumulus I would travel here, there, about.   But always did I feel this protection surrounding me, a knowledge that when I’d fall [...]

Poem: Forever – 26/03/20

Draw me closer, it may be the last time for a while, feel my skin brush against yours and our smiles within grow wider.   Understand that that is not goodbye but “I will see you soon”, my darling, you must know the energy of your loving heart can fill any room.   The heart [...]