Poem: Overwhelm – 03/08/20

I wish I could write of beauty and wonder, and perfection, if it existed, but I don’t believe I have it within me, my words come out as harsh and grating.   Instead, my confessionals are here to behold, laid out upon the table, endless pages scattered, ink haphazardly scrawled.   Some stains are crimson, [...]

Poem: Flawless? – 27/07/20

Flawless, how can I feel flawless when beneath the spotted mirror my reflection barely lurks? Flawless, how can I feel perfect when my heart is blotchy like Grandma’s inky, moody pearls?   A broken smile, a set of hounded eyes reflect back at me, finding a perfect circumstance? Tell me this: does perfection truly exist? [...]

Poem: Drainage – 12/07/20

Strangely exhausted, an afternoon, heavily slept, too much, too much, ill memories draining, they won’t rise delicately, rather seep down below the mattress, will not gently fly away. A drainage system below the surface of a city, a being, more than four times hastily gone mad, residual pain wafting from the wide walkway pipes, potent, [...]