Poem: Delicate – 01/01/21

Perhaps some are meant to be
apart for a while,
to allow distance and the ability for
truth to no longer be real.

Imagination reigns without truth,
what is that person seeing, feeling,
what will they do,
thoughts of them, I should really be
immensely and measurably through.

Delicate interventions,
reaching out in a moment,
wondering is no longer wondering
because now there’s an
ability to slightly see,

Are there differences to be observed,
are they selective,
there to be heard?
I know there are some changes,
waiting to be discovered and learned.

Brightened are they,
with each moment they are heard,
loneliness could have overwhelmed,
must have caused great dismay,

but I must tread delicately,
not flit around too flashily or fancily,
too much attention drawn could cause cracks to be seen and
cause future suffering.

(c) 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Image from Unsplash.

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