Poem: The Girl in the Red Dress – 07/01/21

Glaring, inquiring eyes
inspecting through shopfront windows,
what is it you seek?
The girl in the crimson dress with white seams,
is it she you are trying to find,
do you desire her to speak?

On edge,
percolated by excess caffeine,
anxiety rising,
scenes perhaps more than what they seem,
to her, everything seems suspicious,
laden with layers of notions and commotions
and terribly haunting dreams.

Pressure is rising,
shall there be a toast of prior predilections?
Fight back the sleepiness of the morning,
troupe around the neighbourhood,
exercise and voices cheerily ringing?

Stress, cortisol, tremors,
won’t they be resolved?
That feeling of edginess that screams
so insipidity loud?

Those pinpointed eyes as they pass within an
expression of menace,
the power of intimidation,
she will acknowledge the look no more,
to her, the forced inattention will make it less,
she will not lock eyes with that stranger,
there is not need for that physical test.

(c) 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All right reserved.

Photo from Unsplash

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