Poem: Breaking News – 27/01/21

The journey is almost over, the pain, the suffering, the ailing, all to be washed away from the nights and the mornings, the bravery is there to be seen, highs, lows, during so much time, she’s been stoic throughout it all, the therapy has not seized her courage, or taken away her positivity, she’s been fighting and carrying on throughout what has sometimes been a struggle, demonstrating her resilience and capabilities. [...]

Poem: Rich Blood – 06/02/20

Blood pumps through my veins, potent, rich, disastrous, cells which slip and slide, speaking of a invasive nature that is hereditary.   The mishaps which befit my existence were invisible to begin with, then with coercion, coaxing, they came forth. The personality changes, the heights the lows, the outstanding misunderstandings,   the delusory nature of [...]