Poem: Facade – 13/10/20

There’s the facade that everything’s okay.
We walk our neighbourhood route,
acting naturally, smiling as our arms sway.
But there’s a hidden secret,
it’s kept close, away from prying eyes,
the facade we hide behind,
that nothing is astray or awry within our lives.

Behind closed doors is suffering,
but behind the walls so too is steady recovery,
and within the walls of a bravely beating,
fighter’s heart drums the strength and courage
equivalent to many.

It’s no secret to a small group of others,
the facts have been divulged and shared,
the pain, the initial distraught,
the distress, the load,
amongst those trusted, those close,

and we’ve kept the secret quiet from
the majority of others,
it’s a will that must be done,
must be respected,
like a healing wound, to be carefully covered.

There is no shame in what is occurring,
no need to hide behind hands,
to be embarrassed about anything,
but there is no need for a public fight,
it is a battle, yes,
but to carry the courage within and muster the strength
to keep repairing is preferable to do so in privacy.

So, allow us the facade,
allow us the truth, too,
allow us to share and hide what that special someone
is going through,
because with time,
they’ll repair, great and strong,
and rise, and rise with wings of triumph,
back to the stead of life where they belong.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Paola Aguilar on Unsplash


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