Poem: Snorbert’s Deathly Device – 28/09/19

 Snorbert the Coiled Doggie possessed some terrible untoward thoughts
he was obsessed with making smoke tricks with his vape
he believed the special smoke gave him increased volume of thoughts
and physical energy to make him trimmer and taut.
While he was tripping on his words and slurring on his S’s and stumbling on his vowels
his mind felt restless, more aware, yet not at ease at all.

He imagined darkened thoughts of capturing ganders of geese
and frightening them into being tangled in masses of tall angry trees
and then
bucking with broncos and lassoing them with the most delectable of ease.
His favourite method of his state of being was of course, coiled, or rather
known as psychedelic.
He could be entertained for hours it seemed
when his lungs were pacified, but secretly drowning
their futures breaths to be shallow and frantic.
But there were moments when
the clouded sky of raw brutal thoughts was shifted aside,
to reveal a clearer mindset and a satisfied ride,
where he could mentally feel the ease of calm trickling rain.
Where for a moment there was no idle feeling of him drowning with meandering sensation
a repulsing sense of mentally altered satisfaction
Snorbert now had a clearer agenda and it no longer involved becoming elevated
because of the vapour.

Realising in this moment it was responsible for his strange thoughts and lack of ardour
he tossed the device into a lake
watched it sink,
deeper, under, deeper still:
Soon enough it would never again be seen.  
There was no time in his world for potential future mental illness
and lung disease, or even death.
He was a smarter doggie now,
he had awakened, he now knew the facts.
That tempting temptress of a device could cause him the loss of his life
or at least the comfort of deep fresh breaths
his God-given ability to inhale and exhale freely.
There is a lesson to be learned
but he shall not righteously parade his tale before you all
Snorbert simply sits calm, still, clear-minded,
as I finish recalling his story to inform, not to enthral.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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