Poem: The Inspiring Nature of Silence – Audio and Text – 09/06/20

Melodious but intrusive tunes, notes pummelling my head, I need serenity, a sense of quiet, for my thoughts to develop, to process and later be said, then shared.   The music, though in the background it is rude, unintentionally evicts, any chance, any sense of imaginative words to be brought to life, with the distraction [...]

Story: Egbert the Excitable Echidna Soars in Leaps and Bounds – 19/08/19

“Weeeee! Look at me!” called Egbert to his friends, one, two and three. He was spinning on his feet, pirouetting as elegantly as could be. “You go, ‘Bert!” called Lucy. “Yeah, keep going!” cheered Brody. “Why do you always have to be so showy?” groaned Danni. Danni was the moodiest of the four, she didn’t [...]