Poem: Bright – 21/08/21

Nothing to be depressed about,
so positive,
so joyous – so free,
encumbered paths we could say
but ecstatic I choose to be,
it’s about which side to view
and walk alongside Life,
I could pinpoint, acknowledge,
tiny points of strife,
with magnitude,
some attitude filled with,
with annoyance, with irritation,
or feelings of ‘discrimination’.

But the truth is I’m blessed
to be here, well and breathing,
the strength, resilience, in
myself and others I am seeing,
I could list all that’s here for us,
right and lasting,
hope, especially,
is something I am carrying.

I am grateful for my health,
my family, my dear friendships,
my comforts, and deep love,
Life’s material things,
those which bring comfort,
music, sound, paint,
art, colours, company combine,
I don’t chose to inhabit positivity —
instead it’s bred within me.

Cast aside, long ago,
the feelings of downbeat,
the ‘world’s against me’s’,
I didn’t need to be like that,
to live like that,
it was so stifling,
couldn’t breathe.

Negativity can suck one into
its slimy, vicious grasp,
no enlightenment within,
to exist then – what a task.

Turned about face to the sun,
arms thrown open,
embrace that amazing warmth,
while I could find saddening points to exist upon,
I’ve decided instead to be
bright, bright, bright,
radiance fills my lark-song.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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  1. Lauren, this is just sublime. I absolutely love this piece and the inspiring message throughout! Your rhyming adds such a soothing flow too! Amazingly well done, my friend 🖤🤗

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  2. Dear Lauren,

    Hello and Happy Sunday to you!

    I wanted to comment on your content-rich Home page but commenting has not been enabled there. You are indeed an excellent artist, as evidenced in your 2019 “Featured ARTWork”, in which I really like your use of colours.

    It is lovely of you to visit and like my post entitled “🌌🚀 One Day We’ll Fly Away ✈️💫✨“. If you had visited the post in situ and not via the WordPress Reader, you would have witnessed that the post also comes with plentiful animations. You are very welcome to submit a comment to the comment section of my said post, for I love to know what you thought of my two poems there plus the overall presentation. Thank you in anticipation.

    I shall reply to the comment that you submitted to my post entitled “❄ ❅ ❆ Snowflakes, Tell Me Why You Are…” as soon as I can, as I am still trying to wade through a number of errands. Grrrrr! So much to do and so little time . . . . .

    Thank you for your more upbeat “Poem: Bright – 21/08/21”, with which I shall resonate as follows:

    Be brave
    Be bold
    Be beautiful
    Be you

    Yours sincerely,


    1. Dear SoundEagle,

      Thank you for your response to my poem ‘Bright’ and your kind comments about my Home page and artwork! You are too lovely to say those things. I feel I should let you know I don’t always leave comments on all posts I enjoy, sometimes I just am happy absorbing their wonder or beauty, or whatever they are exuding, and don’t have adequate words to express thoughts on them other than my general appreciation which I show by hitting like. I will however keep in mind you do enjoy having feedback, and will endeavour to put on my Comment Thinking-Cap for another post when I explore in the future. I hope your errands went well today and that you are spending your evening relaxing, perhaps having a nice hot beverage and watching some television or reading.

      Take care and have a wonderful evening!


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