Poem: The Inspiring Nature of Silence – Audio and Text – 09/06/20

Melodious but intrusive tunes,
notes pummelling my head,
I need serenity,
a sense of quiet,
for my thoughts to develop, to process
and later be said,
then shared.
The music, though in the background
it is rude, unintentionally evicts,
any chance,
any sense of imaginative words
to be brought to life,
with the distraction
they fail to exist.
The notes,
the rise and fall of melodies,
they are truly terrifying and deafening,
a lack of threaded thoughts, 
a barren forest of consciousness,
I traverse,
I wander blindly.
Though at a volume,
a decibel,
that may
calm another’s senses,
relax them,
muscles easing tension,
brain waves altering,
to me,
it is like a repetitive
noisy neighbour,
intent on knocking for a shared and unwarranted
cup of tea,
I don’t know about others,
but my creations need silence all around me.
Thankfully my explanation
of this music as a distractor,
allows another to understand
that with my thoughts I am their maestro,
of them my will should command.
Though it may seem ironic,
that a being such as I
with a musical background
such a large part of my life,
cannot bear creating
my words with an unwanted backing,
this is the way I know
my best state of mind
in which to be,
I want the silence,
the silence,
where moments of creativity
can easily strike me.
The moment the intrusion is ceased,
the moment silence arrives,
what hits me?
A burst of inspiration,
I reach for my pen,
and hope to vividly capture the leading thoughts
in my mind,
perhaps I’ll make my own poetic music,
rhythm, metre, tone, rhyme.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

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  1. Inside ones head A lovely place to be Concentrating on the quiet serenity Switched off from the world and malignant fake news purveyors No worldly annoyances Simply bliss and happiness

    DMW Hancock


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