Prose: Seeking Happiness – 20/09/20

The differences between us could be enormous. Life experiences, personal beliefs, ways of going about things. I guess the one we mostly have in common is a desire to be happy. Happiness can manifest itself in many ways from many things, but I’m not interested in seeking it through the materialistic. I’m interested in the personal and interpersonal. We can exist alone but who would we be without companionship, friendships, emotional ties, relatability? [...]

Micro Poem: Transfixed 04/07/20

I am transfixed, here is my ability to stare down those eyes – you take me near and far to your paradise.   You have dragged me from the cold, the frigid icy depths, and set my heart beating freely, I’m gasping life again.   Your selfless gift of air I can barely comprehend, the [...]

Poem: I Cherish – 01/07/20

I cherish: the wind whipping about my hair, the still-bitter taste of sweetened coffee – it reminds me life’s not always sweet. The taste of crunchy cereal in the evenings, the gentle tap-tapping of conscientiously-used computer keys.   The welcome inertia of remaining in bed long after a nap, the loving words spoken to me, [...]