poem: time for change – 31/03/22

"TIME FOR CHANGE"(c) 2022 by Lauren M. Hancock it’s time to change,to embrace love and life,there is nothing I would erase;each moment and breatha welcome momentor an opportunity to learnto grow and accept the phase.Time and time againI found myself on the plane of existencewondering when would Life listen, with herpinpricked ears would she discern [...]

poem: pebble – 30/01/22

HolidayThis stonethis innocuous pebble breaks me breaks you, breaks us, aparttearing rolling down the barrel of a shotgun heartI may not know true heartache now but in the past that thing broke mepieces of an imperfect mosaic flewthese shards of myself not smokable but certainly shattered and vein-like-bluefatigue of life overtakesall the same shade of [...]

Frustrated: 15/01/22

I over the melodramaticsThe bullshit sycophanticthe apparent rambling lunaticswhom do not know how to please themselves without easetheir problems can be oursBut I'm sick of being helpful divine whose put downI will launch a grenade and set myself alightI will smile as I dance with the powder beeswaxing with the moon and his counterpart Saturn [...]

Poem: friends forever? – 08/01/21

Crazed night full of backstabs and bitesand false sugar sweetness relax into this dreamthere is understanding there are laughs there is fightthere is wit pomp and circumstance to cease this inner fightshe shrieks about the hell beneath her world in which she livesshe attempts to share her knowledge and more butthe bunny rabbit only questions [...]

spoken word: united as one – 05/01/22

united as one recording my mind,my heart my body my soulthree unite know my allto time I am like a raging river gushed by a future seathere is reverence, not irreverence, yearning, deep within metemper yet the strangeness the dictations and rhythms of timesmile widely in the circumstancesbaby girl you’ll always remain minethere are times [...]