Poem: Quality – 09/04/21

I darn the threadbare blanket, there are weaves showing to me, I’m not alarmed by its fragility, it’s actually perfect to see, because it signals much use, desirous times, this blanket speaks of laughter, friendship and truth, is loving deemed a crime? This blanket’s been with me through a lot, covering, securing, protecting, I darn the holes away, [...]

Poem: Amends – 05/04/21

It’s considered ludicrous, as this pencil draws as pen, impermanence detailing permanence, can history make amends? In truth, in part, will hope, will reinstated knowledge renew? In truth, in whole, intentions grown strength to strength and full? But, unmanageable, so it seems? By a world of common sense and broken former seams,

Poem: Refreshing Confidence – 09/02/21

Refreshing is the scent of confidence, I see you breathe it in like a cure, it repairs and it adjusts you with love, the acceptance of yourself, with blessings from up above. Do not worry about whether the points of your life, the details, will all fit together, because within, you’ve grown far stronger, there is no more space for anyone but you, [...]

Poem: The Search – 04/02/21

Tree-man gathers and smiles in the plains that are his own, shrubs and bushes alongside also grin and rustle, they watch as he explores his land, attends to the fallen leaves as gently as if each were a sacred sign, they are, in fact, because they’re quietly home grown. Each delicate marking, each unique shade of yellow, brown or green makes his heart swoon, his mood heady [...]

Poem: Personal Growth and Sunshine – 31/01/21

The sunshine drips through my windowpane, illuminating, brightening, my heart, my mind, I am finally at peace, there’s no need to search nor find, I am satisfied, satisfied with the breath of my life, my soul it feels so light and kind. Nevermore will I search arduously, high and low, painful, the path impatient but slow for completion through others, through acceptance and [...]