Frustrated: 15/01/22

I over the melodramatics
The bullshit sycophantic
the apparent rambling lunatics
whom do not know how to please themselves without ease
their problems can be ours
But I’m sick of being helpful divine whose put down
I will launch a grenade and set myself alight
I will smile as I dance with the powder bees
waxing with the moon and his counterpart Saturn with his stars
up in arms we will feel as we counteract their charms
for they have none they are not desired to be
I will annihilate the circumstances if I really want to leave
The power in their cracked skulls as I want to want to be
sweet immolation directing the bees
spread her thighs that desirous queen bee
and watch her misogynistic demise in her nightmarish dreams.
© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.


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