poem: time for change – 31/03/22

(c) 2022 by Lauren M. Hancock

it’s time to change,
to embrace love and life,
there is nothing I would erase;
each moment and breath
a welcome moment
or an opportunity to learn
to grow and accept the phase.
Time and time again
I found myself on the plane of existence
wondering when would Life listen, with her
pinpricked ears would she discern my
truest desires?
Or would she smile fortuitously upon the request of others
while piece by piece, brick by brick
my own home laid unfinished, nowhere have I to place
my handbag down,
expected to be lingering already at home?
We don’t even have a home,
none with a shared hearth, with warmth,
with comfort.
Essentially, my love for you is meant to be
a mistake,
a princess fetched from her turret,
tethered as, as of late.
The magpie flaps and soars,
joins the eucalypt leaves in a shading spot
He, you, really are a protector, but now
learn your skills, hone them further,
Princess can be by herself for now.

© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Photo by strikers on Pixabay.

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