Micropoetry and Artwork: growing pains – 09/12/21

sometimes growth still yields many forms of separation... mistrust, paranoia, apprehension,brothers and sisters envisage the vision before you, neither be forceful nor misgiven, for tis the season, tis the season, for giving and living,smile, dear friends, for we are together, in part, until the ending.so now, bright lights, deep sparkles, heavenly ascensions, extending the loving, [...]

Poem: newly forged – 05/12/21

the sun shines out of bright reverent eyes beautiful beautiful connection wondrous times and style fervent shared passions and running running lines of rushed feet and hurried paces breath controlled so divine the pounding of the pavement in sync in time rising pulses rising as full as my heart fills with heart song twittering breadth of new knowledge the connection so far unknown a Saturday from quietness from my home to his a stranger welcomed inside.

Micropoetry: Visions and Proof – 06/09/21

pray for the wisdom, for the strength to view the truth, now what's here before your eyes and really is ultimately sheer proof, an enlightening of visions within the soul, reflected in our orbs' mirrors, feel the heartbeats within me, wouldn't you, didn't you know? understanding that we all have tales, winding, rivers of secrecy and shires to explore? but these to no avail. [...]

Micropoetry: A Tremulous Tribute – 28/08/21

a tremulous tribute disarming intimacy so comfortable to let him in conversations about everything emotional closeness no need for physicality feel the heartbeats through our laughter ponder-patter irreverent chatter knowing that to him, my voice does matter. accepting our trysts of personal powers so far yet so close feel our united pulse warbling and smiling with ease the past doesn’t determine we playfully tease building a stronger bond through wonderful rapport knowing should I falter he’ll help me seize again these oars.

Micropoetry: Soulful Nature – 26/08/21

truest nature of the soul will shine unto the light, creating carriers, pathways away from darkness into the night, echoing, reverberations of goodness 'neath nestled shrouded warmth, armfuls of wonder, hearts joined in circumstance, yours, mine, forever healed, mine and yours. compassion opens sleepy eyes, careful mouthy yawns. what awaits us this present early morn? what will take us away from dawn?