Micropoetry: A Tremulous Tribute – 28/08/21

disarming intimacy
so comfortable to let him in
conversations about everything
emotional closeness
no need for physicality
feel the heartbeats through our laughter
ponder-patter irreverent chatter
knowing that to him, my voice does matter.
accepting our trysts
of personal powers
so far yet so close
feel our united pulse
warbling and smiling with ease
the past doesn’t determine
we playfully tease
building a stronger bond
through wonderful rapport
knowing should I falter
he’ll help me seize these oars.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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  1. yes indeed! does not require physicality. A soulful journey. I love this. an intimacy full of richness. Stimulating conversations and a the ability to laugh with each other. A thought to behold and a picture of connection
    Your flow is full of confidence! I can hear you reciting it!

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    1. Yes, exactly! Sometimes the importance an individual places on physicality takes away from the richness of a soulful connection, because we need to realise, like you mentioned, there is so much to enjoy on a mental and emotional plane. Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it! ❤

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      1. you are welcome, and it is my pleasure! I relate to a lot of your writing sentiments and it is only fair that I share. If you baked a cake and I ate a piece, I would surely inform you it was good and selfishly ask for another piece. lol… so thank you for sharing not only your gift of writing but a piece of yourself as well❤️

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