Poem: Amalgamation of Intention – 27/08/21

Being aware of the signs,
the euphoria,
the joy of the times,
the expansive brightened
colours as they present
while my soul begins
to delve.

The natural high
developed into true knowledge
via life, nevermore shall I worry
about contemplation, nor irreverent Strife!
I’ll pluck from the heavens
amongst the amalgamating
cloud patterns,
an internal direction
flows as I breathe with
my dreams,
absorb their intent,
my gorgeous search
for the rest of them.
For, I am in alignment
with my path,
a seismic shifting
after tumult,
I’ve reached this point at last,
wanting to give back
to the world,
cease to take,
those times,
selfish duration,
it seems I currently have
much to give, as of late!

My direction makes
light work of human aid,
being able to provide,
a listening ear,
aware eyes,
soft voice,
gentle nature on display
melding into the finest of days.

My light and intention,
true desire to provide,
such satisfaction achieved
in my heart and theirs
as we freely smile and breathe.

It’s as though I needed
to assert these thoughts,
jot them down,
recited, no longer
internally heard,
a vow to humanity,
a truth of personal bliss,
to give to humankind,
expansion of love,
the truest way to live.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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  1. I am in alignment
    with my path,
    a seismic shifting
    after tumult,
    I reached this point at last,

    That’s so wonderful, Lauren. Not everyone gets to this place, as I’m sure you’re aware…

    All best,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is absolutely amazing on so many different levels…mesmerizing writing, perfect universal lessons and such a beautiful authenticity flowing throughout! And that ending is just sublime! Incredibly well done, my dearest Lauren!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece!!!! 🤗🖤

    Liked by 1 person

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