Prose: Be Prepared, Be Prepared – 16/05/21

Be Present, Be Present I am here, present in this second, this moment, my attitude is hell-bent on being successful, not necessarily as others deem it or know. My cause lies in the unknown, in the process of my soul becoming more known, the enlightening of processing my intention – allow us some cloudy ascension. Spiritual connections; my repeating voice drones. I am available for unlimited knowledge to permeate through my being, much like a sizzling wavelength enveloping me. I know, oh, how I know, that while my heart, long before, has been ravaged, and bittersweet were those partings, with each return I felt anew, but why is it something which needs to be revisited? In lieu of my manager, I feel a part of, knowing what’s available, I can come here and load thoughts and dreams into an embryo, in the warehouse, yes, the future of tomorrow. And here the little being will grow and flourish and shine, blossom into a wild, untamed belly--bound youth with flowing girlish hair, similar to mine. We know not of her sex, of his intellect, or their preference, but certainly the moment we lay eyes on our precious creation, we will know, we will know, time spent admiring is ultimately well spent. [...]

Poem: Lavender and Violet: A Little Tale – 02/04/21

Violet and Lavender were the greatest of friends. They rarely fought, never had to make amends. Their hearts were in the right places, they assumed not in their lives now, they understood how to avoid moral corruption and rot, their positive moods would mutually grow and ascend. Their smiles were often worn with a glowing halo or crown which one could not usually see, but only when one focussed with great intensity now, it was easy to understand these two just knew how be. They understood that the