Poem: Lavender and Violet: A Little Tale – 02/04/21

Violet and Lavender were the greatest of friends. They rarely fought, never had to make amends. Their hearts were in the right places, they assumed not in their lives now, they understood how to avoid moral corruption and rot, their positive moods would mutually grow and ascend. Their smiles were often worn with a glowing halo or crown which one could not usually see, but only when one focussed with great intensity. It was easy to understand these two just knew how be. They understood that the way to live life was with both vigour and kindness, always avoiding potential strife, associating themselves with kindness and niceness. They were lovely beings, these two shades, and they knew, they understood, that life was for living, and moments should be made, that Life was for positivity, for good. There was no extracting one another from a situation, because each wave they rode, they rose with a certain sense of mutual adoration and completion, their hearts had tales which would be eternally told. 

One day, there came a time where everything seemed rather strained; Lavender and Violet were at their wit’s end, and this argument seems like it could not be saved. They did not know what to do, but they were chewing at the bit, wondering, What happened to our friendship? Is this it, is this it? 

It all came about because Lavender could not handle because kept at arm’s length by Violet, whom was secretly carrying shades of green and red in her aura, without any yellow as a habit. Her glow was shining, but in a way that slightly perturbed; it reflected her inner state, and the ways in which showed what she currently desired and what she deserved. It was disappointing, really, and upsetting to Lavender, because she wanted Violet present, around for much longer, but it seemed she were pulling away, wanting her own space, it seems, and for that, this and that, she had to allow the tearing at the seams. 

One cannot make someone stay, but they can leave without any form of rudeness or harshness, one can ensure they leave the slate clean, without emotionally leaving a desire for repair or dissolving of distress. And the factors within Lavender and Violet’s saddening tale, it that they’ll likely never meet again, and this is part of it all, and that’s the long and the short of it, such a difference from here and then. 

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

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