Poem: Purple Girl – 27/02/20

He tells me he has seen a girl,
with vivid purple hair shining in the sun,
according to him she walked with great presence
away from him,
her face was hidden,
yet her aura shone,
with flecks of blue,
and green and gold,
if I cared to know I would look these up,
the energy, the auric balance of this being,
who captured his heart this very day.
He brings her up in conversation,
several times, likely unintentionally
but because he is compelled,
I remind him of the girl in rainbow garb
who I saw around my house many years prior,
like her, he would never lay eyes upon this purple haired girl again.
No, these are the people we view once in a lifetime,
for some reason they bless our day and our minds,
filling us with their memories,
that there is something spiritually inclined,
that far off in the distance their presence really
isn’t as far away as the colours may seem,
near us,
holding us,
are the thoughts we have,
of our desired, wholesome dreams.
One may state I should have been affected by
the idea she mesmerised him,
completely took his breath away,
although he did wax lyrical about this vision,
I knew that she meant something to his day.
I cannot permit a sense of jealously,
a sense of misery because she captured his heart,
for in the mere seconds he watched her
leave the station and head north-east,
his heart enlivened,
and she can be thanked for this,
she managed it in her departure.

In fact, I am pleased
he has had this beauty to lay his eyes upon,
not in the sense that he appreciates her wantonly,
but accepted her presence wholly and for what it is,
something exceptional,
something worthy of speaking and sharing.
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Image by SilviaP_Design from Pixabay

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