Poem: forged perfection – 03/12/21

contemplation realisation as I understand how to bow to true sensation annihilation of the frantic degeneration that I stave off, these errors that lifestyle, away with that nihilism. I wander the garden of my mind releasing notions that I no longer need to find the patterns of daisies and cloying pansies fit for regeneration between my two eyes mind soul me. [...]

Prose: The Message, Unheard – 06/09/21

The Message, Unheard Words unfold upon my screen, toppling, clamouring over themselves, fighting to be seen. I’m important, no, my message is of the utmost importance, let me be heard, while the most relevant one relaxes away, folded arms. Its words are the most likely to go unnoticed; its is the voice of reason, the truth you don’t want to see, but it lingers, to the side, presence important, but not impinging. Just there, whiling away time, until you become most aware. [...]