Poem: forged perfection – 03/12/21

contemplation realisation
as I understand how to bow to true sensation
annihilation of the frantic degeneration
that I stave off,
these errors that lifestyle,
away with that nihilism.

I wander the garden of my mind
releasing notions that I no longer need
to find
the patterns of daisies and cloying pansies
fit for regeneration between my two eyes

I know that I must carry on without yearning
I will someday somehow somewhere find that calling
have I not found it yet
is my heart not dancing
these words
this poetry
this prose
what more can I continue to be asking?

my passion in lessons
in moving forward
in growth patterns
there’s nothing left but progress
enabling myself to be
to be to be my own forged
a knowledge
deep breath in,
pure contemplation.
Copyright Β© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. (Words and artwork)

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