Poem: Beautiful Soul Knowledge – 04/09/21

It is a part of me,
my choice of which to give,
openly or freely,
absolutely willingly,
the freedom of positivity,
the decision to make amends,
correct that abstract thought pattern,
that negative plane doesn’t befit
my type of Earth,

but instead

I will reach within,
grasp, grapple, with whatever
there is to see,
a part of me is becoming courageous,
and knowing,
and I love to be encouraging,
and I will speak with kindness not only
to others,
but also to myself,
inside, outside,
directness, shooting internally,
the truths, the prisms of light
my heart has been seeking,

that quiet knowing,
the gentleness of caressing,
those plaintive words
that say I am amazing
without being embarrassed
or thinking I’m immodest,
but knowing and appreciating myself
for me,

Can you truly do the same for yourself?
looking deep inside,
my words, my trust in you,
can you believe?
Can you see?

The amazing person that you’ve grown
to be,
the wondrous specimen of humanity that
is becoming more,
each breath you grow,
enormously in your soul,
your spirit,
if you choose the growth pattern to be,

and now I’ll tell you,
you’re on the right path,
keep searching,
like I keep seeking,
to know myself,
know yourself,
finally, truly, at last.

Ask yourself, are you ready to manifest,
are you prepared to succeed?
Feel relief in knowing
I believe in you,
just as I believe in the beauty of the whistling wind
weaving through the trees,
the setting sun with his
beautiful dance on the horizon –

imagine now what it feels like
to be engulfed by the senses,
overwhelmed and feeling everything wondrous,
and realise, you’re already travelling
this long and winding road,
if you’re with me,
take my hand,
and we’ll travel together,
becoming wiser as we learn and know.

Soul paths and kindred spirits,
truth unwinds,
heavenly beings watch as we grow,
wisdom and experiences intertwine.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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