Prose: A Trail of Winding Thoughts – 12/05/21

On the proviso of keen awareness, some can promise the world. Vivid, glorious, blossoming flowers, and pretty passions laid in a row. Everything given has a reason, or so it seems, amazing these moments are, they’re encouraging, they certainly please. And here presents confusion of the times, wait, the headiness of scented fruits scattered all around takes a free-for-all, but they are sublime. This situation seems profoundly positive, satisfying and amazing, soar with the scents, ride upon spread white dove's [...]

Poem: Hush – 15/04/21

Sometimes I want to be quiet, far from conceited, too loud and proud, humble is what I will be, I smile before I speak, think before I utter, aloud. Quiet contemplation is what is needed in this case, I won’t allow my heart to fail me, should words, lest they go to waste, annihilate the need for acknowledgement freely. I know it is important [...]