Poem: Hush – 15/04/21

Sometimes I want to be quiet, 
far from conceited, too loud and proud, 
humble is what I will be, 
I’ll smile before I speak, 
think before I utter, aloud. 

Quiet contemplation
is what is needed in this case, 
I won’t allow my heart to fail me,
should these words, lest they go to waste.

I know it is important 
to take time to speak with ease, 
I know it is wise, once more, 
to not permit the certain need

to be heard all the time, 
to be boisterous and child-like, 
but how can I alter
when I feel so under attack
with these utterances of mine?

So, hushed is what I’ll be, 
if I don’t speak, 
there will be no analysis of me, 
no written conjectures, 
no debates of sorts, 
I will be hush, hush, hushed, 
and that’s the style I choose, 
no need to consort. 

But will silence really save me?
I’ll learn to care not for judgements,
I’ll dust them away with pleasure and ease,
an ultimate form of deliverance,
can’t you see, won’t you see?

And in the end they’ll all be appeased,
no need to hear from,
let’s have a break from prattling about me,
is that what they want,
is that what they need?
Or only momentarily will the silence be required
to be?

I must remember this is for me,
my mental health is most important, too,
let me chase the feeling of being free,
my time here will be in lieu,
silence can speak of many golden truths.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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