Story example: Vinegar and Red Wine – 20/07/19

Vinegar was curious, while Red Wine liked to play games.

Once upon a time there lived a bottle of vinegar. She was very curious about a red wine bottle who lived near her, for she wanted to see and taste what was inside of her. Vinegar had never seen a bottle so luminously red, the glory of the sheen was of the prettiest hue she had ever seen, no sign of plain nor drab. Vinegar was so plain, she believed, a simple clear fluid with an acidic taste, whereas she felt the Red Wine bottle would hold inside of her liquid of delicacy and delight, not one drop which should go to waste.

Of course, Vinegar was an alcoholic beverage amateur, after all, she had been closely monitored since birth, her mother wanted to protect her from the world’s nastiness of binge drinking, this was not a topic of any mirth. Vinegar had lost her father from turpentine poisoning, at work, he would take small sips of the potent liquid all day, and it was with sadness that Vinegar was known as, “The child who had Turpentine take her father away.”

Still she was curious, surely a drop of red wine wouldn’t hurt, and chased the bottle down the road daily she would go, although pretty little Wine Bottle was more clever of these two sorts, and into the alley ways she would weave to and fro. Vinegar never did capture the bottle that she did so decidedly want to hold, but it was for the best, because Vinegar and Red Wine were known to mix, very, exceptionally well. Vinegar was perhaps saved from travelling down the path that her father had unfortunately taken, and a long life she did live, without a drop of alcohol to be taken.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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