Poem: Murmur – 23/08/20

I murmur into the darkness, whisper softly, I breathe,   complex heart-song, twisted tuning, haunted melodies,   I open my eyes only to see a triptych of beauty,   artistic finery, talent conjoined with colour refined in shades only for me.   I murmur, I murmur, I murmur,   softly, now, see? I traverse through [...]

Poem: When Words Won’t Speak – 06/05/20

When words won’t speak,  colours do, vibrant splashes, moody shadows, emotive characters, abstract patterns.   When I cannot find the right letters, or when I simply stutter, I bring forth emotional therapy, brilliant shades bleeding with highlights or slices of calming, iridescent colour.    Sometimes nothing lyrical comes out,  and I’m left with a blank, [...]

Poem: The Path – 23/04/20

Weariness, Weariness, rests upon my head, where cobwebs and stilted cogs lay well rested in their beds, the machinery’s movements have ceased, Weariness allows me to take that break, but behind the scenes I’m still ruminating, I simply disguise it from him.   Aptitude, Aptitude, once carefully measured with closely observed time, makes me wonder [...]