Story example: Lost and Found, Alex the Sprite – 21/07/19

Alex was being followed, yet she had no idea.

Pursued by the evil Queen Bee, Master Puppeteer, day and night, Alex the Spark Plug sprite had to escape her Queen Bee’s intentions without feeling any fright.

In fact, it was easy, for she lived in much naïve ignorance, for she was unaware of what lurked behind her at any given moment. Her glowing, humming wings dispelled the presence of what was more dire and of utmost importance.

Alex held a map within her careful hands, her wings of gossamer allowing their light to attend, brightening Alex’s way, for her escape from this tricky world, into another realm, a new positive, safer day to uphold.

But lost was she, could she be found, anywhere, any which way, will we be told?

The map’s X marked the spot, but so too did a circle, a firm spot, which way to turn, to avoid the mess and this Realm’s rot? Could she fly, I hear someone suggest, but no, sadly, these wings were only for show, for Alex’s wings of gossamer had been clipped to stop her from flying away from this world, with a joyous and sadistic snip of a to and then a fro.

“Did you want some help?” a curious bandicoot grunted.

“Oh, no, sir, I’ll be fine, thanks, but please…” she said, trailing off, “I do so wish I could feel the warm spring breeze, with the wind in my hair and the gust in my wings, why – I’d be able to do whatever I pleased!”

“Allow me to assist,” the bandicoot insisted then he grabbed the trail of attached bees and flies attracted to her head, instead redirecting them toward her back. Upon her wings they now clung, where they could allow their rise, rapid little wings causing a much desired prize.

And rise now did Alex, dragging the surprised and outraged Queen Bee with them, into a certain state, a different realm not unlike Heaven. Where Alex had been found, could be free to be whoever she wished to be, where the Queen Bee Puppeteer would be dealt with, like the nasty being that she had proven herself to be.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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