Poem and Drawing: My Feral Pet Rock! – 23/07/19

Just the look of him frightened all…

My pet rock’s gone feral! What should I do?

My pet rock’s gone feral, how about you?

Will you help me, assist me, to put him in his place?

Will you guide him, and bind him, help him close his gaping frightful face?

What can we do? 

We cannot creep close,

Shall we throw something into his cavern of a mouth?

To temporarily distract my feral pet rock,

Or else I’ll throw him in the sea to go deep down south into the depth’s dark.

Gnashing, gnashing of his teeth,

Begging for something to eat voraciously,

I throw pieces of rancid meat into his hole,

When will his energy stop? When will it go?

Suddenly it is like he is on rewind,

Slow motion and a falling inside,

My feral pet rock has lost his juice,

He’s collapsed internally and externally to view.

Thanks to all for your help,

You’re glorious, and wonderful to me,

Thanks be to you all.

For assisting and keeping me company,

Of my pet rock we are now free of his feral mood of a disease.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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