Prose Poetry: Slipping Through The Cracks – 16/10/19

We can, at times, choose to fall into the cracks, to allow ourselves to become lost, forgotten in our life paths. There is a certain way of thinking, defeatist in itself, that will disallow us to keep churning along. Our former dream-chasing no longer ongoing, the once-joyous ribbons ceasing their unwinding, ceremonious unfurling. Because if we permit ourselves to trip and stumble at each possible failure, feeling like we cannot rebuild ourselves upwards from the pains and sorrows from which we suffer, we can forcibly lock ourselves into a dark, dampened place where nothing positive will live. No self-love, no personal acceptance, no sense of real responsibility. No resonating sense of control to be delivered. Where we can wail and drown in our style that is completely differing from the method of being brightened and proceeding through failures triumphantly and swimmingly. If we can’t teach ourselves to rise from the dirt, from the mud when we’re thrown down, beaten in certain circumstances, how can we expect others to look to us for comfort and guidance?

Realise that your life is not only yours alone. Many of you have others looking toward you, as a prime example. They see what you do, and do what they see, not do as they are told, because demonstration is key. And how these others will praise you, sometimes silently, their eyes speaking of pride that you have once again lifted yourself from a moment of great sufferance or strife, that you have carried on regardless of the shame or embarrassment you may have felt at falling.

Love yourself, even when you feel your life spreading, unfairly unfolding. Terrible things happen to people: disasters, illness, loss, and we can’t help some of these — they are but truth, occurrence, circumstance, or destiny, and we need to accept that the way we deal with negative moments shows a certain strength of character. Your uprising from the cracks is the key. Allow yourself not to fall in the gaps, but to leap forth, rising like the superhero you truly are, and fly through your life with eloquence and style, knowing that you have done exactly as you have willed, performed what you are capable of and in the manner in which you’d hoped.

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally stumbling, but healing, recovering or carrying on steadfast and courageously; why, these are methods which make life truly worth living.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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