Poem: Too Much Time – 02/07/20

I’ve too much time on my hands. For some, this would be paradise, but for me, it’s a continual, rising obsession of poetry and revisions filling my mind.   I can spend hours and hours retouching a word, retouching another phrase, here and there, rephrasing this and rewording that, the stresses of syllables hold great [...]

Poem: Beneath My Layers – 01/07/20

Sometimes, occasionally, I feel like I’m coming back to life.   When the outer layers peel down and around me, revealing the scintillating softness inside.   So curious am I to view and feel and touch this part of my identity, where I am completely vulnerable and wholesome and completely, utterly me.   This nature [...]

Poem: The Computer Helps You Lie – 30/06/20

The computer helps you lie, it’s a well-known fact of life, the ability to dance fingertips on keys like the Devil’s never-ending trill.   They fly across, a flurry, and suddenly, without me knowing, fiction has taken over, that’s welcome news to me.   No more disguising of one’s facts, like bullets shot impolitely, rat-a-tat-tat, [...]

Poem: A Second Wave? – 27/06/20

The world is tense, while some are carefree,   double digits daily, this is gravely worrying.   Have we become too lax with social distancing?   Family gatherings with warm kisses and hugs, entering personal territory?   Outbreaks in differing neighbourhoods, participation in public protesting: some finger-point the blame,   as they fought for rights [...]

Poem: Thank You – 27/06/20

Sometimes I don’t feel like writing, but something compels me to create,   to dig deep beneath the superficial, to find something meaty, or rich like marrow, a delicious read to taste.   Something tantalizing, that the reader will hunger for, whetting the appetite, will palatable words soar?   What can I create? What can [...]