Poetry: Clearing Lungs – 02/11/19

With lungs as free as the movement of transformed butterfly wings, allow yourselves to soar. Having emerged from the cocoon, as beautiful as the opening scene of a night’s full moon, sing to the world, despite what you might feel, you are worthy of being heard. And if no one appears to be listening, ears and eyes scorning the truths you have to tell, continue your melodies, and your truthful lullabies, with lungs so clear and free; you have ideas and beliefs to uphold. Never stop creating, even if you know the presence of some are temporarily unseen.

You are doing this for you; your expression, your world, your passion, tell yourself: “This is for me,” – even though it’d be nice if some of the world could also experience it and see. But how wonderful it would be for them to join you on a journey as you explore the interior and exterior of your world. Together you and they could sing together, your melodies meshing with all manners of ease.

Their attentions are most appreciated, for really, in the end, all most of the world wishes to be is heard. And in true song, evocative thoughts and feelings can shared with each other. There’s no need to become saddened or undone.

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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