Story: The Loneliest Duck in the World – 25/11/19

A masquerading duck has arrived at the scene. She likes to make her appearances special, with a long duration since her former showing. Here at these magnificent balls she is desperate to make a splash! Because this masquerading duck is so beautiful and loves to dance and chat.

What is the point in her arrivals, her persistence in being seen? To some she’s just a useless hen who seems to do nothing more than gabble and preen. She is viewed by others as a selfish socialite, but they couldn’t be any more wrong in their assertions; she simply wishes to be viewed in bright light, surrounded by the deep depth of darkness within these nights.

She should not be judged for marrying the richest drake on earth, with him having been three times her age he had passed away well before she was meant to leave this earth herself. And she was lonely in her world without his love: she had no ducklings to raise, no adult ducks to praise and advise, so what she loved to do instead was be with others throughout the exciting nights.

In these masquerade balls she dances with such ease, she lifts her wings and flaps and glides, as delicate as you can please. And when it comes to her making small conversation, chit-chat, if you will, with her outgoing sociable awaiting bird friends, she doesn’t hesitate in her generosity to buy them champagne in flutes, gin and tonics, and wine in beautiful glasses to brighten the mood. Although she is lonely and eccentric, here she is, being appreciated in this scene the most.

Then when she will leave these premises in the light of dawn, she will remove her garb, her showy harness and her mask, and there she will be, tired, but happy, and nervously awaiting the next event. She will be too excited to experience and share some more with many of her lively friends.

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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