Poem: The Reverent Red – 28/12/19

 We gather ourselves today 
 to consume everything that is red,
 rich tomato soup, 
 delicious garnet apples,
 carefully sipped crimson wine 
 once owned by the dead.
 As we consume our favourite hue 
 for the day
 we wonder to ourselves at this tradition,
 a wondrous worship involving 
 splashes of colour,
 a sharpened shade in a bull’s eyes, 
 his enraged mission.
 Red, red, red, 
 all around,
 encompassing our eyes,
 enriching the sounds.
 Today we celebrate lives saved, 
 vibrant souls rescued who avoided being 
 felled before their time,
 red balloons released in 
 large bunches into the skies,
 each signifying a soul saved, 
 we collectively sigh.
 Our ancestors who gave us our existence
 carried us through life
 raised us through their past sufferings
 they were plucked from 
 the danger zones,
 they were released from 
 their war-torn strife.
 So today we feast upon all that is 
 rich and red,
 to carry on their memories, 
 we quietly enjoy what we have been given,
 and with gratitude we accept 
 the food and appreciate our lives provided.
 We accept that we are here 
 because of the actions of brave others,
 soldiers, saviours, missionaries, 
 nurses, doctors,
 red is passion, red is life, 
 and it breathes within us the 
 thankfulness that this day delivers,
 it is because of their actions 
 that we are breathing life.
 © 2019 Lauren M. Hancock 
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.  

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