Poem: King Sunflower – 29/01/20

How we rise like sunflowers,
bright and blessed,
sunlight beaming on our faces,
glancing sideway-winks,
and hearts as heavenly warm as though heated by eternal caresses.
Held aloft by those firm stalks which holds our sway and
keeps us in place,
you, my wonder, are everything I wanted,
everything I’ve needed,
this should be all I need to say.
For your ostentatious yellow collar breathes around
the darkness of your pitted pollen which
pleases all the bees who wander hungrily,
flitting through the atmosphere as though they
have no other care
than collection
and collection for their hive,
to please their precious queen.
Am I your queen?
I ask of you, the head of the Sunflowers,
am I everything you dreamed of, wanted,
and needed?
My precious queries ache,
I sing them for you,
draw nearer to your flamboyant petals
which compliment,
which compel my gaze to come closer.
I grasp onto the stalk for stability,
a miniature sunflower crawls leaf and root
up until that shining face,
my dear, I have made it,
we are together,
and will you look at the smile upon your flower,
there’s no happiness going to waste.
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Photo credit: Image by Couleur from Pixabay

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