Poem: Thick and Fast – 13/02/20

I’ve never been so high
the view is fast and steep
there like waiting jagged daggers
they wish to pick and preen me.
I smile to myself,
a woman of but thrice decades,
so much to learn,
to view,
to become,
I’ve many obstacles which I have hurled myself o’er.
I announce my arrival into the world’s realm
where whatever the world needs me to be, I’ll become,
so too what I aspire to be from my spinning globe
I’ll make these moments mine.
The green and azure depths of this land and ocean
though discussion of any further introspection
about them is left unawakened.
Sometimes I can neither make 
head nor tail of my expressions
though I understand later what I may have intended,
I wonder whether others view the whole subconscious meaning,
an expose of decaying, of moments expired.

And these daggers which await me,
well, aren’t they just poignant truth
that in some respects I hit the nail on the head
I successfully used that dart,
and by goodness,
a little knife dodging surely won’t be amiss,
the activity may prove simply correct,
thick and fast,
a kind of strange bliss.   

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Josef Juchem from Pixabay

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