Poem: Bloated Wattle Buds – 07/07/20

Delicate wattle buds hanging preciously in the air, framed by their yawning captor who, with great regiment keeps them together.   The picturesque scene a corner-bound introvert’s dream, stems forcefully held in Captor’s cavity, like binding a spell, there is intention, this method has been carefully crafted.   While one may initially joyfully glance upon [...]

Poem: Butterfly Needle – 06/07/20

How much can I provide of myself before the dripping blood ceases then clots?   A silent protesting of my vein that I’ve given all I can willingly give – there comes a point where I must stop.   The vein is worn, to extract any further would require that butterfly needle, that gentle implement [...]

Poem: The Punishment – 06/07/20

Author's note: This poem details a point in my mental health journey where I was hospitalised for extreme mania, grand delusions and psychosis. These could not be controlled with time and much medication, hence I was subjected to the often-controversial practice of electro-convulsive therapy. The poet whom I speak of in my poem is extremely [...]

Poem: Heartbeat to Heartbeat – 5/07/20

Like the sound of rolling thunder on the distant hills, my heartbeats clamber to be heard, (to be heard), received and acknowledged by you, at your breezy window sill.   Your hand reaches out to grab the distant beats, the uniquely peculiar patterning that pounds, and pounds and pounds,   from my sill to yours, [...]

Poem: Beneath My Layers – 01/07/20

Sometimes, occasionally, I feel like I’m coming back to life.   When the outer layers peel down and around me, revealing the scintillating softness inside.   So curious am I to view and feel and touch this part of my identity, where I am completely vulnerable and wholesome and completely, utterly me.   This nature [...]