Poem: The Grumbling Instability – 30/04/20

Instability, a grumbling temperament grows, like rolling waves crashing on suicidal rocks, the aftermath is broken froth, a bubbling foam of doom.   But there is no true destruction yet, the cascading curling of blue promised a cushioned fall, one where anger and misjudgement could press or roll away those points of migraines elsewhere.   [...]

Poem: Autumn Leaves to the Air – 28/04/20

Autumn leaves fall one by one, excusing themselves from attendance. Like warm emotions they peel away, leaving an unfamiliar, unfeeling circumstance.   Soon the branches will be barren, stark, undecorated, alone, with no reminder of spring or summer, when heartfelt words were purred, within another’s arms feelings were grown.   How differently a season can [...]

Poem: Jagged Picture – 27/04/20

Rivulets of broken seams, the crackling of irritation heaves and gleams, beneath a thin surface a heated secret boils it festers, does she wish to be anything other than what and how her impatient heart can muster?   There’s no calm in the desert creek where parched tongues refused to get along the sandpaper-like exterior [...]

Poem: Crystal Gazing – 24/04/20

I gaze into the crystal ball, eager fortunes and fierce dreams to find, the smoky scene is quartered, into sections the interpretations are spread, their great divide.   There is something special about these areas that makes one tingle and shake, the magical moments of being able to envision another’s hopeful future, though occasional destitution [...]

Poem: The Path – 23/04/20

Weariness, Weariness, rests upon my head, where cobwebs and stilted cogs lay well rested in their beds, the machinery’s movements have ceased, Weariness allows me to take that break, but behind the scenes I’m still ruminating, I simply disguise it from him.   Aptitude, Aptitude, once carefully measured with closely observed time, makes me wonder [...]

Poem: Emotional Flight – 22/04/20

Triumphant whispers heard along the plains as dire circumstances wane, they express newfound freedom to be had.   Their softly spoken words envelope like kid gloves, they speak of goodness, of hope, of reinforced love.   Because with the returning of others to another’s open arms, the reuniting warms them, it has been so terribly [...]