Poem: Autumn Leaves to the Air – 28/04/20

Autumn leaves fall one by one, excusing themselves from attendance. Like warm emotions they peel away, leaving an unfamiliar, unfeeling circumstance.   Soon the branches will be barren, stark, undecorated, alone, with no reminder of spring or summer, when heartfelt words were purred, within another’s arms feelings were grown.   How differently a season can [...]

Poem: Jagged Picture – 27/04/20

Rivulets of broken seams, the crackling of irritation heaves and gleams, beneath a thin surface a heated secret boils it festers, does she wish to be anything other than what and how her impatient heart can muster?   There’s no calm in the desert creek where parched tongues refused to get along the sandpaper-like exterior [...]

Poem: Coldness – 26/04/20

the air is icy, precipitation, crackles, I am amazed by the ongoing incoherence of the patterns of snowflake icicles.   harder becomes the dark night air with every accumulated breath, they gather, layer, through them I soon cannot stare.   the walls surrounding me are now thicker than an Eskimo’s igloo, the protection is not [...]