Poem: Autumn Leaves to the Air – 28/04/20

Autumn leaves fall one by one,
excusing themselves from attendance.
Like warm emotions they peel away,
leaving an unfamiliar, unfeeling circumstance.
Soon the branches will be barren,
undecorated, alone,
with no reminder of spring or summer,
when heartfelt words were purred,
within another’s arms feelings were grown.
How differently a season can present
a once near-perfect circumstance,
even if slightly illogical,
the dreamscape was there,
unique to be had.
A sense of comfortability grew,
but now the delicate leaves fall and fall,
stripping away layers that once shone –
where is that which once called to me now?
I sit by the base of the tree,
dumbstruck, tremulous,
at how things have unravelled,
words may be unspoken,
but as obvious as falling leaves dancing,
the silence permeates,
creates an acidic, sullen mood.
A loss, a replacement,
with little care,
I reach forth,
throw handfuls of rejected leaves to the air.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.   
Image by Rebekka D from Pixabay

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