Poem: Bright Lights – 20/04/20

Neon lights flash, they blind me, the resultant spots in my vision, they appear, they annoyingly swim.   I rub my glassy eyes softly, then harder to rid them of the itching glare, I do not understand their mission.   Why did I seek this vision, this stirring sight that promised exultation, the monumental awareness [...]

Poem: Illegible – 19/04/20

Illegible, illegible, the handwriting lies sprawled upon the page, not even smeared, but simply, completely unreadable and entirely, legitimately, incomprehensible.   How am I expected to return to these convoluted dreamy thoughts and emotions when the opportunity for self-manipulation of my subconscious silently lingers?   For this text holds secrets, expectations and extremities of the [...]

Poem: Loved – 18/04/20

Their presence lingers, I am eternally grateful for the guidance that only Love can provide, there is little more to be understood that needs no wishes to be further sanctified.   Because their devotion is pure, warmer and lovelier as time goes on, and I am appreciative of everything that has been performed, which has [...]

Poem: A Gentle Reminder – 16/04/20

Bulging eyes like those of a mute man’s persuasion, an idiomatic world wreaking destruction with its occupants not any worse or well off than the land they stand upon, Ingot! Ingot! Who told me you’re the one?   I never put on the shield of makeup without first assessing the importance, painting, changing, it’s all [...]

Poem: Cotton Wool – 15/04/20

They cotton woolled me, padded me safe, to ensure if I fell, I wouldn’t crash, bang, break.   To make sure that I was protected by the softened cloud, like a growing cumulus I would travel here, there, about.   But always did I feel this protection surrounding me, a knowledge that when I’d fall [...]

Post: There is Hope – 14/04/20

There is hope if you look hard enough, Among the shadows that lurk and loom, No matter how difficult To discern, When our prying eyes have had enough, We spot that glimmer, That shimmer – A glistening snail’s trail Leading to that foreign place That certainly is not home But it calms you in a [...]