Poem: Emotional Flight – 22/04/20

Triumphant whispers heard along the plains
as dire circumstances wane,
they express newfound freedom to be had.
Their softly spoken words
envelope like kid gloves,
they speak of goodness,
of hope,
of reinforced love.
Because with the returning of others
to another’s open arms,
the reuniting warms them,
it has been so terribly long,
or so it seemed,
the removal of allowance of
physical expression.
Heaven has now descended,
their adoration has been placed
into motion.
The duration’s away,
for some so painful,
though for others
they could cope better than their matches,
but here we are,
slowly reuniting again,
a scope of positive circumstances,
a veil now lifted to all,
feelings patched,
on the mend.
The control which was so utterly necessary
is gradually being withdrawn
and in the eyes of others
like them, us,
you and I,
we are able to express desires,
for simple touch, for embraces,
for everything able in company.
This period has made important,
a great highlighting,
of what may have been taken for granted by
you and I,
but for now,
we allow our hearts to be free,
emotions to positively fly.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Karen Warfel from Pixabay   

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