Prose Poetry: Rocks on the Mind – 02/04/20

I fashion an image within my mind, each curve, each specified colour, every line. That which makes the look complete, of the creature I shall create through my hands, my fingers, with precious time, whether messy or neat. Carefully, I sketch the shape onto the rock – this doesn’t need to be perfect, though it must still have some form. I decide that I’ve made a mistake, but, what to do? I hold no eraser, nothing to warrant taking away from the view. Besides, I can paint over the marks, no worries about that, in fact, I can just continue sketching away on my pebble, my rock, my soon-to-be-colourful artefact.
I am new to this art, this activity of decorating pebbles or rocks, and I am excited to create, to add my characters that I house within my mind, a differing relaxed state. They no longer have to swim or dance inside, prattling about wanting to escape, instead, they can be translated upon stone, rather than paper or page. With joy I discover different techniques online, there are so many ways and styles to create, how to make these treasures all mine? To make them perfect, with the correct processes, it is not only about painting or drawing. One must be careful in how to finish the piece, in how to seal the paint or the textas: there are varying techniques. And if I grow restless of painting large pebbles or tiny rocks, I have my terracotta pots I can decorate, why, of course!
And here I am detailing my new form of creating art, because I wish to share the happiness and excitement I feel when I create something in the medium – it really appeals to my heart. And when the dangers of leaving our houses are all over, I shall have the opportunity to hide some of my creations to cause a smile and leap of joy perhaps from another! Until then, I shall create for myself, and friends and family, and bring them some bliss from observing something amusing or cute just from me.  
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image: photo and painted rock by myself.
Instagram: @alicewellart 

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