Poem: Loved – 18/04/20

Their presence lingers,
I am eternally grateful for the guidance
that only Love can provide,
there is little more to be understood
that needs no wishes to be further sanctified.
Because their devotion is pure,
warmer and lovelier as time goes on,
and I am appreciative of everything that has been performed,
which has ever been done.
For, I am now the thankful being
grown into the mould,
who has matured in the depths beyond
left behind
from the blind ignorance of Youth,
which came with the temperamental haughtiness
of someone unknowing of truly what they had.
I understand my luck,
my lottery win in this world,
to have such wonderful people in my life
while others suffer,
are maltreated, 
are unloved, or even
I hear their words and actions speak,
“I love you”
time and time again,
the provision of special food on the table,
their kind, empathetic words,
the joyous asking of how my day was,
and I know,
I know,
that one day this will come to an end,
but, by God, I am here,
acknowledging, grateful,
for everything I have.
My love for you will never cease,
do you understand?
My voice trembles, tears threaten to flow,
I am finally showing true emotion,
poignant and exact.

My special ones,
who know who they are,
please understand my truths and here,
accept them for all that they are:-
you do the same with all that I am,
together we love,
united we stand.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.   
Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

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