Poem: When Will We Meet? – 13/04/20

What would the world be without the sparkle in your eyes?
The immutable knowledge that even amidst the chaos
Our love will survive,
It will withstand this weathering,
This erosion,
Upon our daily intents
Our quarrels,
Our makeups,
Taken for granted.
And now, realisation hits,
An understanding that we should have
Cherished those times,
Those precious moments held together.
The gentle opportunity of skin upon skin,
Your touch of my silken hair,
Pulling me into you with an arm closer still.
It is calming and saddening to know that I shall remain unprepared
For this ongoing separation,
When will this lingering loneliness end?
Hearts and souls around the world,
They ache,
Living through the process,
Cold and humbled by this,
My mind is quietened,
The ideas and knowledge of temporary loss swim,
When will we properly meet,
Where will our hearts blossom and truly see?

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.   
Image by Zhivko Dimitrov from Pixabay

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