Poem: A Gift – 12/05/20

A gift from me to you, I dotingly extend, the ability to treasure  what’s within your hands.   The foreign heart you so clutch, delicately, with great trust, which you have been entrusted to care for with strength and deep love.   Who are you caressing with the clutched palms together? I cannot tell, perhaps [...]

Poem: The Mauve Gown – 08/05/20

I need to stop I tell myself, I need to stop this now, the needle pulling through the silk, the soft material.   I can’t keep sewing, creating, making, while my heartbeat thuds and pounds, the danger’s lurking, my task’s undertaken, can I truly wear this garment loud and proud?   To them it announces [...]

Poem: When Words Won’t Speak – 06/05/20

When words won’t speak,  colours do, vibrant splashes, moody shadows, emotive characters, abstract patterns.   When I cannot find the right letters, or when I simply stutter, I bring forth emotional therapy, brilliant shades bleeding with highlights or slices of calming, iridescent colour.    Sometimes nothing lyrical comes out,  and I’m left with a blank, [...]