Poem: Escape Room – 28/05/20

Fingertips against the wall, pressing, gouging, wanting to get through, but no way out.   I am aghast at this imprisonment – four walls slowly caving in. Like impending doom, they inch in all around, closer and closer, it’s growing difficult to breathe.   Why this state of insanity? Am I deserving of its encroachment? [...]

Poem: An Embrace After Tea – 23/05/20

Warm sentiments expressed, heartfelt touches extended, the joy within almost palpable, understanding we are blessed.   The other sits opposite, a smile within their eyes, warm glints to be absorbed, and I wonder, is this what I’ve been searching for in my life?   A nuance here and there, in softly spoken words, uttered in [...]

Poem: Angels – 22/05/20

Angels come and angels go but they’re always watching down upon us.   They carefully observe, they take care of us, ever present, although distance may be a factor.   Their wings caress, though invisible they may be to the naked human eye they are there, and the angels’ hearts for us, beat freely.   [...]

Poem: From My Pen – 20/05/20

The brightness of the page, glaring in my eyes, a plain lined sheet, a hopeful scene, a winking extreme.   The sun shines down, beats down its warm caress, my pen drags along heated paper, pen from pen to pen.   The etchings are made, the heavy handedness of my lyrics are forthcoming, and I [...]