Poem: A Gift – 12/05/20

A gift from me to you,
I dotingly extend,
the ability to treasure 
what’s within your hands.
The foreign heart you so clutch,
with great trust,
which you have been entrusted to care for
with strength and deep love.
Who are you caressing with the clutched palms together?
I cannot tell,
perhaps it’s a secret you’ll not dare share with another.
Regardless, I know you’ll look after it well,
the heartbeat, the heartbeat 
so strong and positive to behold.
Perhaps it’s the lifeline of a relationship,
perhaps it’s the living memory of someone dear who has passed,
perhaps, maybe, this still-beating heart is the
lifeline between your spirit, body and soul.
Whatever the heartbeat signifies,
please know my gift to you
is the ability to care so deeply without 
being entwined to the point of no return,
though interlinked,
you are still independent.
And you will carry on caring for this
living organ,
almost-breathing object within your palms
and I’ll glance and smile
so proudly upon you,
there is nothing more 
that I can extend
at this point than
my pride and my love for you.
Modest though you are,
you must positively feel 
your own pride ascend,
this process is miraculous for you, too.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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