Poem: A Magic Trick – 11/07/20

Magic trick,
you’re a magic trick,
you make my face brighten, warm, and shine,
Magic trick,
you're a magic trick,
you cause me endless joy,
wry head shakes, claps, and smiles.
Like a magic trick,
you suddenly appeared in my life,
I may have chased down your existence
but truly, you were worth it,
Because, Magic Trick,
my Magic Trick,
you brighten each facet of my life.
I am your diamond,
or so you say,
with my playfully haughty self-esteem,
I shouldn’t believe those words any day,
but maybe I was a different gem under pressure
from millions of years ago
whom you have rescued from this
occasionally cruel and cold-hearted world.
I sparkle, you mesmerise,
we each have our power,
our ability to impress without words,
my dearest, you bring comfort
when I won’t express what’s ailing me,
and those other magic tricks who were
intent upon disappearing,

I’m so glad they vanished,
let me sparkle and shine
because I am the one who you cherish.
Place your cloak over both of us
and we’ll travel away from this world,
into a land of anonymity and 
soft, mesmerising twirled details,

we’ll live by the mountains, 
by the forest, 
or the sea,
anywhere where our presences live
for each other,
purely you and I to be seen.   

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.  
Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay

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