Poem: Heartbeat to Heartbeat – 5/07/20

Like the sound of rolling thunder on the distant hills, my heartbeats clamber to be heard, (to be heard), received and acknowledged by you, at your breezy window sill.   Your hand reaches out to grab the distant beats, the uniquely peculiar patterning that pounds, and pounds and pounds,   from my sill to yours, [...]

Poem: Jester or King? – Spoken Word and Text – 30/05/20

https://soundcloud.com/user-894707136/jester-or-king-spoken-word-poetry-by-lauren-m-hancock They told us to follow rules but we believed we were in love, so manic I don’t even recall the moment when upon him my eyes were first cast.   A magnetic pull, a connection so fervent unlike with prior others, we whiled away long hours, avoiding wandering patients or those huddled, smoking and [...]

Poem: Angels – 22/05/20

Angels come and angels go but they’re always watching down upon us.   They carefully observe, they take care of us, ever present, although distance may be a factor.   Their wings caress, though invisible they may be to the naked human eye they are there, and the angels’ hearts for us, beat freely.   [...]

Poem: Emotional Flight – 22/04/20

Triumphant whispers heard along the plains as dire circumstances wane, they express newfound freedom to be had.   Their softly spoken words envelope like kid gloves, they speak of goodness, of hope, of reinforced love.   Because with the returning of others to another’s open arms, the reuniting warms them, it has been so terribly [...]

Poem: Forever – 26/03/20

Draw me closer, it may be the last time for a while, feel my skin brush against yours and our smiles within grow wider.   Understand that that is not goodbye but “I will see you soon”, my darling, you must know the energy of your loving heart can fill any room.   The heart [...]