Poem: Promoting a Positive Image – 22/07/20

To promote a positive image of oneself
is to reach into the garden where the ivy breathes and grows,
where she winds around herself, occasionally tickling
the life from her,
and plucking a length of her stems and leaves,
to crown yourself with her woven dreams.
She is not poisonous, this ivy,
no, your image you promote is not unhealthy,
no, you try to think of yourself quite highly, but,
you recognise when you need to be brought down to earth.
You twirl her trailing lengths anxiously,
as though one would loose tendrils of falling hair,
weaving, weaving, creating shapes with her,
because ivy is malleable, like you.
You can morph into many things,
you can morph into expressing qualities which project
yourself as vibrant truth,
not always sad, anguishing, or depressive,
no matter that occasionally that’s how you’ve been,
but now joyous and happy,
an ivy trail’s winding dream,
you promote your sense of well-being to all
because that’s how you wish to be seen.
Past regrets may surface,
they may arise within the dirt, the rot, the dust,
as a means of demonstrating that, yes, you are
at fault for some things, once the root cause of pain
of suffering for some,
but we are not always perfect,
we cannot pretend to be,
some decide to sweep the past under the rug,
but no, not me.
I speak my truths,
I own them,
then once revealed, described,
I move on from them,
then go on demonstrating my purposeful view,
to be kind, courteous, myself,
allowing my words to flow through and through.
My crown of ivy is beaming green,
so rich and vibrant is she,
she heralds my crowning of a land
in which I project what is good,
what will reflect positively,
though sometimes negatively upon me.
Because, life comes in polar opposites,
one cannot take the good without the bad,
presenting our downfalls along with positivity
will reveal our true nature,
our true displayed hand.  

And this is the point,
for I've been crowned by my ivy as queen,
I live in a land in which daily I make my travels,
gathering the past, the present, 
and the future, too, 
into my hands to be seen, 

I aim to project myself positively,
even when I'm discussing moments of negativity,
and I must reiterate that I do so with
no heavy heart, 
a feeling of overexertion is not here,
it is entirely lacking. 

I hope to express with ease.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

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  1. Thank you for this encouraging poem, Lauren! I love that you’ve chosen a powerful symbol of ivy to reflect self-image: it can be poisonous, yet a self-confident individual can turn its poison into a healing nectar.
    ”My crown of ivy is beaming green,
    so rich and vibrant is she…” 💚👏

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m not too sure. I know I struggle with promoting a positive image, that what I project can be negative at times, but it just take you to turn your thinking around to alter the cycle, I guess. Did you receive my message through your Contact page?


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