Poem: Wildflowers – 23/08/20

Wildflowers aren’t only beautiful because they’re free,
they beckon to us from between the blades of grass,
thick trunks of trees,
their scent permeates the fields,
tickles our noses when we bend to admire,
we must understand their beauty’s power.
They are softer in texture than they look,
just like many of us, who carry our hearts hidden
within beating grasp of tightened fists,
scared, afraid to show ourselves to others,
in the magic that may unfold,
we should realise, like wildflowers,
we are wondrous, and should free ourselves,
herald our brightness to the days and
reign with our internal strength and power.
And at night we rest,
like wildflowers calling,
breathing quietly,
and know that we can recharge 
like the blooms for the night,
rest in a group yet still in folded solitude,
our delights,
we will open once more in the morning,
if we dare be brave,
our arms outstretched like petals,
mouths wide open and yawning,
our hearts presently unfolding,
we call to be found like those 
wildflowers of the forest.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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