Poem: Doubt – 29/09/20

Doubt niggles at me, pokes and gently prods as though irritating me to look at it. To understand my imperfections, my soul’s tiredness at having to point out these flaws, how did I become I not worthy enough for the Universe? But it’s nothing to do with that, it has everything do with my perception, the way I look up to appreciate the heavens, [...]

Prose: Chirping Crickets – 26/09/20

Male crickets chirp, signalling their romantic calamity. They know what they are seeking, whom they are aiming to have come into their world. But crickets; crickets, crickets, don’t we downplay their communication, a meaning of nothingness following a comment meant to be poignant or profound. I used to love crickets as a child. I would hunt them for hours on end, following the sounds [...]

Poem: Better – 25/09/20

The rain pitter-patters against the window reminding me of the melancholy I used to feel, but now I am developing myself, I am fusing myself together, redetermining self-worth. I need not chase the opinions high nor low of yonder words to come, need not seek the approval of critical strangers, or unkind people who I’m not close with, why, shouldn’t they matter [...]

Poem: In-Between – 24/09/20

My land of In-Between is glorious, that space which cannot be defined, can’t be plotted, accurately located, yet it houses my wealth of memories, my heartfelt song, prose, poetry, the magic of my inner layers which are only conducive to goodness, kindness, and moral wealth. Imagine a cloud-speckled sky, with Sun gently winking, mischievousness in her eyes, [...]